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become a Mansion Ambassador

(limited series)

The Mansion London Life Memberships

Introducing our Life Memberships

We released a very limited series of iconic collectable digital images based on past and future events. Each owner of these digital images will join a very special and small community of guests who will:

👉 get a membership for life

👉 enjoy free entrance to all future events

👉 own a piece of the brand history

Note: our digital images embed a certificate of ownership thanks to the blockchain technology. In other words, it makes sure you are the only official owner. It is bought in crypto on customer friendly marketplace OpenSea.

"Where going out and

staying in come together" 

The Mansion London is the first and only "night house" in London, bringing together friends, Artists, DJs and performers

The Mansion London puts on exclusive Halloween and New Years Eve themed events & parties in some of London's grandest and most secret venues

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