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Georgia Fearnley Paintings

Georgia is a contemporary artist mixing traditional techniques with modern subject matter. She incorporates her career as a special effects makeup artist into her artwork, mainly focusing on portraiture of alternative models and fantasy creatures.

Tommy Fiendish

Tommy Fiendish Paintings & NFTs

Observations on daily contemporary living, social injustice and environmental collapse appear throughout the work. In this global pandemic we now see conflict between the engines of science and religion, struggles with confused leadership, corruption and self-interest. I find my paintings focus on these concerns; they become social documents, referencing the many ways that perceived power in images can be used to direct and control freedom of thinking and expression.  

Wildi Yvonne

Yvonne Wildi Ghouls

Yvonne focuses mainly on the decaying, vengeful Brides of Halloween and the unearthly, nightmarish Groundbreakers, clawing their way relentlessly from the grave.  All develop their own sinister and malevolent presence during the creative process and like nothing better than to unsettle unsuspecting party guests


Amina Raveendran Paintings

Amirna is an 'intuitive abstract painter'. Her first upcoming solo show  ‘Beauty Beneath’ specialises in large pieces abundant in surface, texture and movement, using various mediums, techniques and tools to initiate the considered chaos in her paintings. She mentions James Joyce’s quote ‘mistakes are the portals of discovery’ and how this plays an influential role in the creation of all her pieces.


Art Partner


Froso Papadimitriou Paintings

Froso experiments with multiple art forms such as drawing, painting, sculpture, video and installations. Her work explores the binaries that resonate between the self and its role within social environments. Through observation, personal experiences and testimonies - which arise amidst different social mindsets.


Art Partner

Sam Shendi

Sam Shendi Sculptures

Egyptian British Sculptor, Member of RBS & Winner of FIRST@108 Public Art Award 2013, Sam is a figurative sculptor. Recognizing his work as both literally geometric forms and industrial materials, it is important to Shendi that the work, however minimalist still has an impact on the viewer, visually and emotionally.

Adopho Arenas

Adolfo Arenas Illustrations

Upcoming Spanish illustrator from Seville, Adolfo specializes in decadence and captures the imagination with his mastery of graphite and his amazing sceneries and portraits.

Davide Fordiani

Davide Fordiani - Abstract Visuals

Davide expresses his creative thrust mostly in the abstract painting field. This form of powerful artistic communication allows a constant symbolic and meta-cognitive expressive experimentation, which DF carries out with gouache works on walls, materic compositions (plastic, wood, concrete, stucco, glues, acrylic paint), paintings on canvas or on

ultra-light plastic sheets, photographic transformations, video art

and live action painting performances.

Orson Kartt

Orson Kartt Collage & print

"Post Irony exists in the aesthetic lineage of Dadaism and Surrealism. Art can be used as a tool to confront reality I like to think I work in this way." says the Suffolk artist. Kartt's popular work is humorous and poetic. He creates a world where lightheartedness rules and rules are broken.

Miranda Morley

Miranda Morley Painting

Miranda is a young creative artist that is already finding a sharp success. Her expressive, dark or mysterious paints and creations catch the eye and capture the imagination. Her latest exhibition starting in exclusivity at The Mansion London.  


Art Partner


Rekha Sameer Video

Sameer’s particular focus in most of her work, especially her videos, is on women and gender issues. Sameer’s primarily is a conceptual artist who creates site specific work using multiple mediums such as clay, video, sound, cctv cameras and fabrics. The installations offer the viewer a new perspective and insight into their everyday existence.


Art Partner

Allan Banford

Allan Banford - Painting

Contemporary fine artist specializing in acrylic figurative paintings & focusing on abstract surrealism. The result is a unique and original conceptual experience, capturing the sense of recollection from an individual point of view trough colour, reflecting a Lacerations technique. His influences varied from classical masters such as William Turner, to contemporary icons such as Francis Bacon


Art Partner


Christina Mitrentse - Vintage book-sculpture

Our Art partner Argentum presents international artist Christina, known for her constructing provocative narratives and poetic ensembles through manifold processes of vintage book-sculpture: old and limited edition books that she transforms in unique and surprisingly mysterious works


Art Partner


Piero Cruciatti - Photography

Our Art partner ArtMoorhouse presents Piero Cruciatti. By translating photography into adhesive print, Piero reinterprets art through a different medium and exploits new forms of reality to communicate his message in an innovative way. 

Moorhouse Art

Art Partner


Laurent Bodson - Painting

His work is a perpetual search for curves, surfaces, divided shapes, fractal that seem to invent themselves. Universe's structures and human buildings entangle in a psychedelic delirium. Laurent's art is optimistic, infinite, and will definitively make you fly: get ready to float


Danielle Hodson - Painting

Winner of the Koestler Award, UK artist Danielle Hodson draws from the notion of The Absurd. Identity is at the core of her practice working between objectivity and subjectivity. She creates a body of work that depicts the time we live in and how we place ourselves in it 


Monica Andres Alvarez - Painting

Conceptual artist from Madrid, Monica explores the meaning of objects and the narrative defined by their placement on canvas. She focuses on the process of deconstruction and reconstruction with the use of organic materials. Monica’s influences are meditation and pop art


Nora Velazco - Painting

Born in Buenos Aires, her career as a painter started when she began studying with the Argentinean artist Cristina Dartiguelongue. Her aim is to explore colour interactions, using this as a mean to express moods and rhythm


Irma Pelligrini  - Wooden craft

Irma started making her first wood carvings at the beginning of the '80s in Argentina when looking for a way of expression. Developing different techniques of her own, she made progress in the knowledge of the wood and how to work with it, whilst facing more and more exigent aesthetic objectives


Romen Gouveia - Visual art

Brazilian artist living in London, Gouveia’s work is focused on exploring painterly theories, such as form, light, textures and space. He uses complex laboratory procedures to create colorful shows


Mezi - Graffiti  

French urban artist who says "Inspiration can be found everywhere, and I got my desire to paint from Bando and Mode 2, while more classical artists also influenced my style [...] one of the greatest challenges and rewards in painting is finding the perfect blank surface"


Sheiky - Photography 

From Shoreditch, his hood: "I look around and only find people trying to live the lives they hate. I am perhaps the same, but this is what inspires me" His work is about hope and exploring the beauty of life in a very bohemian way


Paul Robinson - Painting 

Paul Robinson makes painting of trees and landscapes and mixes them up with the decorative patterns of wallpaper. The complexity of Robinson’s imagery and overlaying of pattern has been informed by the work of Robert Rauschenberg

"Where going out and

staying in come together" 

The Mansion London is the first and only "night house" in London, bringing together friends, Artists, DJs and performers

The Mansion London puts on exclusive Halloween and New Years Eve themed events & parties in some of London's grandest and most secret venues

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